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Rock climbing lessons in the Canadian Rockies near Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise

Rock climbing lessons in the Canadian Rockies near Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a fun sport and our course is a great way to get started. As the foundation for many other types of climbing, learning to rock climb properly is very important. And where better to learn than the Canadian Rockies! The Canadian Rockies surrounding Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise offer endless climbing opportunities for complete beginners.

This beginner rock climbing course is designed for those who have never climbed before or who have done some gym climbing. In this course you will learn basic safety and top rope techniques for rock climbing outdoors. You will be taught and coached by our very talented certified guides delivering our well established curriculum. You will also be introduced to the skills necessary to second on both sport and 'trad' climbs.

Modern climbing instruction focuses on training in movement techniques. Developing these skills early on means you will find climbing much more rewarding. The rope techniques taught are those you need to be able to get started in the sport and allow you to practice your climbing skills safely. On later courses you can learn more advanced techniques but for now we focus on the basics.

Day or half-day lessons are available for individuals or groups in the Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise (full-day only) areas by request. Lessons cater to all abilities, beginner to advanced.  Lessons can be booked by individuals, families or groups.

There are several great and scenic rock climbing instruction areas that can be readily accessed for daily lessons, they include: 

Banff Rundle Rock: Next to the Banff Springs Golf Course. A great spot for first time rock climbers, especially younger children. Suitable for full and half day climbing. Nearby Rundle Ridge allows for an easy multi-pitch climb and rappel for those with a whole day.

Zygote Crag:  20 minute drive from Canmore. Good beginner location for a full or half-day of climbing with some challenging short climbs to finish on.

Yamnuska: 20 minutes drive from Canmore. Excellent beginner location for full or half-days..

Wasootch Creek: 40 minute drive from Canmore. Good variety of climbs, due to driving times this location is more suitable for full-day programs.

Lake Louise: A spectacular and famous climbing crag at the head of Lake Louise. An excellent location for those with some previous climbing experience. Due to driving and approach times available for full-day climbing only.

Sport Climbing Crags: For those with previous gym and sport experience there are a multitude of crags especially around Canmore but also including Lake Louise.

Rock Climbing Season

Rock climbing is typically available from May until mid-October. Optimum season is mid-May to late September.

Instructors & Instruction Ratios

Instructors are certified guides licensed to operate in the National and Provincial Parks. They are certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. 

The maximum instructor to client ratio for instruction is 1:6


Transportation is not usually included. Clients generally provide transportation for the guide. If there is a vehicle available, Yamnuska can provide transportation for a pick-up in Banff or Canmore at an additional cost of $50 plus a fuel surcharge if climbing anywhere other than Rundle Rock. 

What you need to bring

  • Lunch / snack and plenty to drink,

  • Day pack,

  • Rain gear,

  • Clothing allowing for easy and complete range of movement,

  • Warm weather gear as necessary for season,

  • Running shoes or hiking boots.