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We offer high adrenaline soft adventure for individuals 12 years old and older while younger guests are able to try their hand at shooting on the Shooting Range. Field sizes are effectively speed ball court sized and we are able to customize and change field combinations to match different group needs and scenario selections. As a result of well orchestrated scenarios and field sets, our scenarios make for fast moving games with high turnovers, that means your game won't go into stall mode where nothing happens, and time seems to crawl along. Paintball with with us is likely best described as "Speed Bushball".

All games include provision of speed calibrated Tippman 98 Custom markers (paintball gun) with ball speeds not exceeding 300fps and Certified safety mask with integrated Goggles Unlimited air and camouflage coveralls. Our guns are chronographed and set at 260 FPS (feet per second) as our standard. Ball speeds is customizable to accommodate more seasoned players who want more accuracy, distance and a harder hit. This is done on a per group request basis. Maximum legal speed for paintball gaming is 300 FPS, all paintball guns can be turned up to shoot at this legal limit




-1Hr of Field Time

-100 Paintballs



-2Hrs of Field Time

-300 Paintballs



-3Hrs of Field Time

-500 Paintballs



-2Hrs of Field Time

-750 Paintballs

Extra Balls: $12.00/100 balls | $55.00/500 balls | $80.00/1000 balls | $125.00/2000 balls Extended play time at no charge subject to availability

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